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Welcome to Steel Forest, your future go-to destination for an unparalleled indoor shooting experience, currently under construction in the vibrant city of Macon, Georgia. As we lay the foundation for what will become a state-of-the-art shooting range and academy, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Steel Forest is not just about perfecting your aim; it’s about building a community where beginners and seasoned shooters alike can thrive, learn, and share their passion for shooting.

As we progress through the construction of our facility, we’re committed to keeping you updated every step of the way. Our front page will feature regular updates and snapshots of our progress, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the development of our top-notch shooting lanes, classrooms, and amenities. Imagine walking into a space designed with the shooter’s journey in mind, from novice courses that emphasize safety and fundamentals to advanced tactical training for experienced enthusiasts.

In the spirit of community and anticipation, we’re excited to offer the opportunity to become a part of Steel Forest before our doors officially open. By filling out the form on our site, you can secure your place as a pre-sale member, granting you exclusive access to member-only benefits, early bird course registrations, and special events. It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting us from the ground up and believing in the vision of Steel Forest.

Join the Steel Forest family today and be part of shaping a premier shooting academy where education, safety, and community come together. Whether you’re here to improve your skills, embark on a new hobby, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of fellow shooting enthusiasts, Steel Forest welcomes you. Stay tuned for updates, and get ready to aim for excellence with us at Steel Forest.

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"Steel Forest: Where every shot shapes the future of precision, safety, and community."

Check out our building progress

Exciting things continue to happen at the range. The framing is complete and the exterior is being bricked. We will be pre-selling memberships soon so be on the lookout!
Lots of steel going up over here at Steel Forest 😎
Hollow core concrete planks have been installed over the range bays! Each plank ranges from 5,000-6,500lbs. This concrete roof will help with acoustics in the range and steel baffles will be attached to deflect shots from hitting the roof. Steel framing is up next!
The concrete slab has been poured and the bay walls are up over at the range. Not only are we a gun range, but Steel Forest will have over 3,000 sq feet of retail space.
Several tractors have been hard at work at the range site. The concrete block has arrived for our bay walls. Steel Forest will have one 25 yard bay with 5 lanes and one 15 yard bay with 7 lanes. Stay tuned to see the block go up!
Steel Forest Range and Academy is Macon’s newest gun range set to open fall of this year. We can’t wait to share updates and show progress of the range being built from the ground up.

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If you would like to become an early member of Steel Forest, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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